mating no birthing no
Nanaimo 2 2
Palartok 3 2
The two packs are based in the Canadian and Alaskan regions, during the 1960s. They thrive, no matter the conditions or disasters which they are struck with. In sticky situations, they pull through as one. Neither distance nor time can stop them. Do you wish to join them on their adventure?
Time and Weather

Nanaimo Territory the area is less elevated, therefore wind is calm and the snow has thinned out

Palartok Territory snow is still somewhat deep, but traveling is not as difficult as before. Springtime will be delayed in this area

Freelands wind is still harsh as always, though snowfall has steadied out and is not so abrupt as before

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Post  Milena on Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:33 am

If your question(s) still haven't been answered after reading this, feel free to post a topic regarding it

If I want to join the pack but can't stay active what should I do?
If you definitely know you'll be an inactive member then the best thing to do is become a friend. This means you can join in on things such as games, the chat box, etc. and have full access to the forum. You can also roleplay in the Freelands.

How do I become a staff member?
Overtime, if you remain a pleasant, helpful and active member chances are you will be eventually chosen. On the odd occasion, Moderator application forms will be put out so that you can apply. Note that you don't have to be an alpha or beta in a pack to become a staff member.

What do the points under the avatar mean?
Points can be gained by participating in events and contests being held, remaining active, referring people to the pack, being helpful and so on. If you have a certain amount of points, you can purchase things such as a custom title beside your rank, another character etc.

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