mating no birthing no
Nanaimo 2 2
Palartok 3 2
The two packs are based in the Canadian and Alaskan regions, during the 1960s. They thrive, no matter the conditions or disasters which they are struck with. In sticky situations, they pull through as one. Neither distance nor time can stop them. Do you wish to join them on their adventure?
Time and Weather

Nanaimo Territory the area is less elevated, therefore wind is calm and the snow has thinned out

Palartok Territory snow is still somewhat deep, but traveling is not as difficult as before. Springtime will be delayed in this area

Freelands wind is still harsh as always, though snowfall has steadied out and is not so abrupt as before

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Welcome to Yukon (open)

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Welcome to Yukon (open) Empty Welcome to Yukon (open)

Post  Milena on Wed Jan 15, 2014 2:45 am

location ;; Ogilvie Mountains
plot ;; Sköll getting a feel of the lands, and perhaps an animal encounter
participants ;; Sköll, Inka + anyone else in Nanaimo who wishes to join

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Welcome to Yukon (open) Empty Re: Welcome to Yukon (open)

Post  Marlene on Sun Jan 26, 2014 9:43 pm

It never occurred to him that most, if not all, of his childhood heroes were simply someone's little droplets of creativity and desperateness mixed together in neat little packets. Not once did he ever stop and think that hey, all the stories grandma used to tell me were just works of pure of fiction, nothing more then little ploys designed to keep loud and obnoxious youngsters like him from driving everyone around him insane with non-stop chatter and hyper-activity. Nope, it just didn't happen, and so he grew up thinking all these fairy tales were real, when in reality, they weren't. Heck, the belief that they were true was the sole reason why he left his natal pack so soon, the need to strike out and have his own grand adventure proved far too strong for any family ties, and he left without a second thought, not pausing once to think that maybe life wasn't going to be as sweet and gentle as the stories liked to say it was.

Now this probably revealed a great deal about his intelligence, not to say that Avery wasn't smart, because he was, some of the time, it just told others he was a teeny bit foolish and naive, with his head stuck in the clouds, dreams of having a big 'happily-ever-after' nearly always running rampant. It was a strange and slightly disturbing fact about him, but he liked it, liked viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, liked, no loved, the idea that somewhere out in the world, there was someone waiting for him, and only him. He was certainly going to have an interesting time in the world, being optimistic to fault and a hopeless romantic with an unquenchable thirst for adventure hardwired deep into his heart.

Speaking of adventures, he was on another one, or at least trying to be, but it was quickly turning into more of a misadventure, seeing how he may or may have just gotten himself stuck on the bottom of some random mountain he found only moments ago. The snow was a lot deeper then he had really acquainted for. The second he made a movement to step onto it (he foolishly believed he'd just be able walk right across it, no problems) his scrawny forelegs were abruptly being swallowed whole, which threw his center of balance right off, one thing led to another, and his entire face was suddenly very, very numb, as he had face planted squarely into the thick of the white, fluffy substance.

With a loud, gasping breath, he drew himself up onto his paws with all of the stunning grace of a newborn baby giraffe, which consisted of just a lot of blind, awkward flailing on spindly legs. He tried to love winter, he really did, but it seemed as if the feelings just weren't mutual, as old Jack Frost liked nothing more then to throw everything he had at the poor little wolf, the coldness slowly but surely seeping into his bones, making his lungs feel as if they were on fire and his skull feel as if it were about to split straight down the middle. But all of it never stopped or deterred him from continuing, just made him want to try harder and harder, so that's what he was going to do, climb to the top of the mountain and hope he didn't bust a lung or die while trying.

He quickly set off, a new goal in mind, he would climb to the top of the mountain, and after that, well, he didn't plan that far ahead yet, but he knew something would come to mind as he went. It took a few false starts which consisted of nearly being swallowed whole by the snow, but he eventually regained his balance, slowly but surely making his way up, nothing more then a little black speck on a white canvas.

Word Count: 644
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Notes: Sorry 'bout the wait

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