mating no birthing no
Nanaimo 2 2
Palartok 3 2
The two packs are based in the Canadian and Alaskan regions, during the 1960s. They thrive, no matter the conditions or disasters which they are struck with. In sticky situations, they pull through as one. Neither distance nor time can stop them. Do you wish to join them on their adventure?
Time and Weather

Nanaimo Territory the area is less elevated, therefore wind is calm and the snow has thinned out

Palartok Territory snow is still somewhat deep, but traveling is not as difficult as before. Springtime will be delayed in this area

Freelands wind is still harsh as always, though snowfall has steadied out and is not so abrupt as before

Milena - Founder/admin

Sambhur - Admin

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aywas ==the secret land== Folium_poppyperidotaywas ==the secret land== Oske_bengal
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Explore the seven countries of Ay, a land of strange and mysterious creatures and fantastic places beyond your imagination. Here you can fight enemies, discover unexpected friends, and uncover the secrets that lie beneath the surface of this strange world. Perhaps you might even begin to discover what this land of Ay once was.

Welcome to Aywas.

aywas ==the secret land== Aywas3
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